A Laided-Back Guide to Windows XP in 2023

If you need to be told why somebody would want to use XP in 2023 (or whenever youre reading this), then you probably just dont get it. For me, its the strongest copium against the modern world - a retro escape. With this simple guide, you too can use windows XP to a somewhat reasonable degree in 2023!

Something you should probably know is that i dont use XP exclusively. In fact, my main machine is a 2015 macbook pro running macos monterey. This is because im goofy, not stupid. Anyone should understand first and foremost that most modern programs are not going to work on XP. My favourite workaround for this is just using older software, but for most things ill just give it a break and use normal people tech (im working on it)

It's also a good idea to consider how youre gonna use XP. By that i mean you need to decide whether youre gonna just use a virtual machine or whether youre gonna run it on proper hardware. Me, im using a Compaq PC assurate for the XP period. If you do decide to go for actual hardware (well done you), then please be aware that you'll probably need a USB wifi dongle. You can pick one up relatively cheap on ebay + you get an epic antena which sticks out of your pc :3

After you first install XP...


Especially if you plan on hooking it up to the internet - seriously. If you use XP online without any sort of protection, youre just gagging for a trojan. Im not one to speak about staying safe, as today i downloaded heckter the protecter from some dodgy website just for the nostalgia, so i definately have keylogger on my system now (hello mr keylogger man). It is impossible to be fully safe on this outdated operating system, but we can do our bests (and i could probably try harder) to stay safe.

So youve got your system, its all set up on XP and youve got the internet... what now? Youre probably gonna want a browser - im using Firefox 52.9.0 ESR, the compatible version. This works fine honestly, but if you do run into any issues, you should look into alternative browsers such as k-meleon and mypal, both are still being maintained.

Dont expect to do anything groundbreaking in your XP broswer, just basic web browsing and a cheeky bit of neocities is the most youre gonna be able to do. Honestly this works great for my college homework and revision.