Living in the Past

Recently on TikTok ("I thought yout quit TikTok" SHADDAP) I've been seeing a lot of posts like this:

which got me thinking about how I was also obsessed with the 2000s in the mid-late 2010s, a time when I was still being toilet trained. But now I'm nostalgic for the 2010s. My takeaway from this should be that in 10 years time people will be obsessing over 2024, so we should enjoy it while we can, but there's still something so comforting about living in the past (I'm listening to a 2010s playlist while typing this).
An obvious explanation would be that there were seemingly less problems in the past, or maybe there were and we were just too young to really be affected (there definately were), so we find safety in just reverting back to past trends, fashion and music as a form of escapism. There's nothing bad about this, people have been doing it for ages, for example in the 80s there was apparently a lot of nostalgia for the 70s, in the 2010s it was mostly for the 90s and now we're seeing appreciation for the 2000s-2010s. What's funny about it this time is how recent our nostalgia is. For the most part, the niche part of my generation (Gen Z) that I'm mostly referring to grew up watching Tumblr grunge and thinking about how cool it looked, but never being able to take part in it because we were 10. As a funny side note, at age 12 I had an obsession with wearing black skinny jeans and would actually feel uncomfortable if I weren't wearing them - which got concerning as I technically didn't own any. The pair I did own were dark blue, something which when I realised I was not happy about. Also I had a cringy MySpace... in 2016... I was so quirky and different!